New Season New Plants

At last its March the worst winter weather has past the Covid Pandemic is coming under control after exactly 12 months as more of us receive a vaccine and perhaps soon life can return to some normality. The Garden thank goodness is still there and what a refuge it has been this last year. It is now waking up to a new season and the excitement of the Spring Bulbs appearing the Snowdrops of course have been here at least a month already. Early shrubs are starting to flower and shoots are emerging from the soil with the promise of flowers or lovely foliage later. Time I took a look around my patch to see if there is somewhere I can accommodate any more plants because I’ve read the new catalogues and seen some exciting new varieties I would like to grow and share with you.

Erysimum Spring Breeze Sunset is a Perennial Wallflower and true cottage garden plant. It is one of the longest flowering herbaceous plants and an excellent cut flower. The blooms emerge in spring and continue until autumn changing colour as they mature throughout so the clusters are comprised of yellow, apricot, orange and mauve individual flowers within the cluster. They grow to 45cms and are happy in sun or shade in the border or a tub and are loved by the bees and butterflies.

Blechnum brasiliense Volcano has the appearance of the Australian Tree Fern Dicksonia but is much smaller and more suited to our domestic gardens and “bank accounts”. This plant is compact about 30cms but the fronds will grow to 70cms in a season. The young fronds unfurl in late spring the golden colour of an erupting volcano turning a shiny green as they unfurl. As the plant grows the hairy trunk forms from which the fronds sprout each year. It grows well in shade but welcomes moving to a sheltered place in severe winter weather. It gives a touch of exoticism to any patio garden.

Jacobina paucifolia Firefly also called The Brazilian Fuchsia. It is an exquisite little mound forming shrub about 60cm tall and flowers from December all through the winter months until April. The foliage is dark green and is a great foil for the pendulous tubular flowers that are yellow orange and red. It is an exotic plant for this time of year in the UK but is not hardy so grow in a tub which can sit on a sunny patio during spring summer and autumn and move to a protected site like a porch or conservatory for the winter months.

Nemesia Banana Split is a semi hardy perennial which is a great plant for summer patio tubs. It should be treated the same as Geraniums and Fuchsias so take cuttings in late summer and keep in the greenhouse or conservatory over winter to produce new plants the following year. It is smothered in cream, lemon and darker yellow flowers with a vanilla scent all summer from May to October. Bees and butterflies love this plant which grows to 30cms.

Another plant that attracts bees and butterflies is Sedum Atlantis. It won the RHS New Plant Award at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2019.It is a small compact plant which is ideal for patio tubs or smaller gardens. The foliage is very brightly variegated bright green and creamy yellow taking a pink hue in autumn. The pink tinged flower buds open to yellow flowers in summer and are a magnet to bees and butterflies. It is very good for dry places in sun or partial shade and is fully hardy.

Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas is a compact easy to grow Japanese anemone 45cms tall. It is suitable for a container in sun or shade or the front of the herbaceous border. It will flower from the beginning of August until late October so good colour at this time of year. The flowers are poppy like, semi double with frilly pink petals and yellow centres also loved by bees and butterflies.

So here are six new plant introductions that I am going to grow this year which should give some more colour and interest each month of 2021 to The Pyghtle Garden.